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New York Times review of THE DOOR TO THE LOST!

Congratulations to Jaleigh Johnson on the glowing, beautiful review of THE DOOR TO THE LOST in yesterday’s New York Times!

“In a world called Talhaven, magic is used somewhat like electricity, after having been imported by the Vorans, mysterious wizards from another dimension, via a wormhole that one day self-destructed.” – NYTimes

Jaleigh is a New York Times bestselling author and THE DOOR TO THE LOST is a stand alone fantasy novel for middle grade readers that released just this summer from Delacorte/ Penguin Random House.

“The refreshing heart of this fun, exciting story, though, is friendship. When we meet Rook and Drift, both refugees from Vora, they are already the best of friends.” – NYTimes

THE DOOR TO THE LOST is about friendship. It’s also about overcoming prejudice and being a refugee. Read the entire review here!

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