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Welcome to Our Newest Client, Henry Clark

Please join me in welcoming my newest client, middle grade author, Henry Clark. Henry is the author of several middle grade adventure stories – WHAT WE FOUND IN THE SOFA AND HOW IT SAVED THE WORLD and THE BOOK THAT PROVES TIME TRAVEL HAPPENS.

His hilarious, inventive project, THE SEVEN MINUTES A DAY MAGIC WORKS, is a wildly original middle grade fantasy that came to me via the slush pile. Between Henry’s exquisite knack for humor that will land squarely with the middle grade audience and also keep adults rolling, and his action-packed plot, I knew I had to work with him.

This project is MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY meets CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY with an environmental twist in the form of the DavyTron Ultra, a 3-D printer that converts tomato juice into real-live (though rather tasteless) vegetables. It’s putting local farms out of business and Calvin Sapling (no, he won’t respond to “Sap”), and his two friends, Modesty and Drew, are in a race against the clock to save Cal’s family’s farm and the magical land of Congroo from the elusive and potentially dangerous, Elwood Davy.

Once again, please give a warm welcome to Henry – I’m thrilled to have him as part of the KT family.

To learn more about Henry’s other middle grade books, visit his website and connect with him on Twitter.