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Welcome to Adaora Ngozi Osimiri-Lewis of Goth in the Raw!

Please help us give a warm welcome to kt literary’s newest client, Adaora Ngozi Osimiri-Lewis, mastermind and founder of the gorgeous website and Instagram, GOTH IN THE RAW!

I am so excited to welcome Adaora to kt literary family. Adaora is a young Goth Nigerian-American business mogul/entrepreneur, model, animal and human rights activist, philanthropist, alternative/goth musician, Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director of Fantome Magazine (formerly Prysm Magazine), health advocate, private chef and CEO/Founder/Mastermind of Goth In The Raw. With her unique take and innovation on raw vegan/vegan recipes by immersing her style, artistic delivery, herself and her adoration of the dark alternative Goth subculture that she has been a part of since a young age – she delivers something that no one has seen before – where health and the dark collide. A vegan of 22+ years, she shares her love of food, heritage, health and a world that may not be known to most. Her fans have nicknamed her “The Morticia of the Vegan World” and “Vegan Afro-Goth Queen”. An active speaker, she talks about not only veganism and its benefits on health, but also sheds light on areas such as anti-inclusivity and misconceptions in the vegan community. Through her work, she aims to enlighten, encourage and defy stereotypes‚Ķ.and does it in all her Gothic glory. Adaora currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her vegan family: two beautiful little gothlings, and wonderful husband, Matthew.

Please give her a follow on Instagram and Twitter and give her a warm welcome!