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Cover Reveal!!

I’m so so thrilled to introduce you to BERNICE BUTTMAN, MODEL CITIZEN, a debut middle grade novel by Niki Lenz being published by Random House Children’s Books in Spring 2019. Just who is Bernice? She’s the lovechild of Honey Boo-Boo and Sister Act, with a dose of The Great Gilly Hopkins. Want to know more?

Bernice Buttman is the biggest bully in the 5th grade. She loves pounding puny kids and eating cheese balls till her fingers turn orange. Her latest and greatest ambition is to attend the Hollywood Hills Stunt Camp, where she can learn to crash cars and punch people harder. All she needs are a few generous strangers to donate to the cause. She sets up a fake “Letsfundthis” website, and the cash starts flowing.

But when Bernice’s mom discovers what she’s done, she takes the money for herself and sends Bernice to live with her Aunt Josephine — who happens to be a nun. Bernice tries to make a new start in the town of Halfway, but she immediately locks horns with the school’s most perfect student, Emogene.

Determined to be more than just another bully Buttman, Bernice resolves to stay out of trouble and raise enough money to send herself to camp. But when she learns that Aunt Josephine and the nuns may lose the church if they don’t pay their debt by the end of the spring, Bernice concocts a plan that just might save the church and send her to stunt camp!

And now, without further ado, meet BERNICE!

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