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“…important to me that the characters be recognizably Navajo”

Last Friday, debut author Rebecca Roanhorse was interviewed by Barnes & Noble for an exclusive cover reveal for her upcoming fantasy TRAIL OF LIGHTNING.

Congratulations Rebecca and thanks to Saga/ Simon & Schuster and B&N for this juicy press release!

“Debut Author Rebecca Roanhorse Answers 5 Questions About Her Apocalyptic Native American Fantasy Trail of Lightning” – B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog

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Tommy Arnold, the cover artist, worked with the Saga Art Director Nick Sciacca and my wonderful editor Joe Monti to pull off a brilliant cover. I love it. As far as the characters go, I knew that I didn’t want any of the typical trappings non-Natives associate with Native Americans. No feathers, no braids (Navajos don’t traditionally braid their hair, anyway), nothing pseudo-mystical. If anything, I wanted a more of a rock n’ roll vibe—which is why, if you look closely at Kai (the character in the truck) he’s wearing an AC/DC shirt. It was even more important to me that the characters be recognizably Navajo, which is one of the reasons Maggie is wearing Ké Ntsaaí, which are traditional Navajo women’s moccasins. I think they go great with her leather jacket and her big knife.

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