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On the Ninth Day of Christmas…

“And now the moment you have been waiting for: My Favorite Book of the Year”

Huge, huge congratulations to K Arsenault Rivera whose THE TIGER’S DAUGHTER won, “The Waterfall Award for Paul Weimer’s Favorite Book of the Year“!

“Epic Fantasy, a fantastic debut novel that uses letters and second-person narration skillfully to tell the tale. Fantasy beyond the great wall of Europe, a Chinese/Mongolian flavored Epic fantasy that is also a love story between two women that blossoms and changes as they grow into their power. Skillful use of information and revelation to tell a fantastic story. Gorgeous, evocative prose. This is the kind of epic fantasy that I’ve hoped to see more of for years.” – Paul Weimer

Also, a big shout out of congratulations to Michael J. Martinez whose MAJESTIC 12: SHADOWS won, “Best Sequel”

“MJ-12: Shadows by Mike Martinez is the sequel to his MJ-12: Inception. In a world (hear that in movie-guy voice) where mysterious objects at the end of WWII have imbued people with out-and-out superpowers, what do you do with such individuals?

Easy: You recruit them by various governments, primarily the Soviet Union and the USA, to become covert assets. The first novel set up the premise and showed us the origin of the Majestic program. In this second volume we get new agents, new troubles, new wrinkles, and an absolutely fascinating close-to-the-historical truth of the very weird and unbelievable events of the CIA in Syria in the 1950s. I confirmed with the author in conversation that he went for secret history of agents at the margins of very real and fantastic events. I wound up learning a lot in the midst of a strong story with deep themes of sexism, racism, oppression and much more. It’s a pleasure to see an author like Martinez go from strength to strength in this newest series.” – Paul Weimer

Go Team!

Learn more about K’s books on her website: www.karsenaultrivera.com
Say hi and congratulations on twitter @ArsenaultRivera

Learn more about Michael’s books on his website: www.michaeljmartinez.net
Say hi and congratulations on twitter @mikemartinez72