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On the Eighth Day of Christmas…

On this eighth day of Christmas, I’m looking back at three shows I’ve loved this year that I wish were books!

Number One for me is: Stranger Things! I loved the nostalgia of season one, and season two delivered in new and awesome ways. I adore the darkness of the show juxtaposed with the trials and tribulations of being a kid. I also loved exploring Eleven’s backstory and her growth from child into young, angsty teen. Whether adult, MG, or YA, I would devour Stranger Things in book form as readily as I did the show.

Number Two is: The Bold Type! I adored the girl power and sisterhood of this show. Was it realistic? Not entirely, no. Of course not. But the idea of these young women exploring their sexuality, their adulthood, and their friendships while breaking free of traditional gender roles rather than adhering to them, was very nice to see.

Number Three: American Gods! Okay, okay, I know this one is technically cheating because American Gods IS already a brilliant book by Neil Gaiman. But the novel was written decades ago at this point, and our need for diverse stories is greater than ever. What I love about American Gods is, it’s a story about immigrants, and how they built and continue to build America. It’s a love letter to people of all cultures, and is at times so achingly beautiful it’s almost difficult to watch. But the novel was written before our society, as it is now, came to be. And a lot has happened this past year that makes the TV show even more necessary. I would love to see an American Gods for the readers of today.

While there are many more worthy TV shows out there right now (we really are in a golden age of television, aren’t we?), these are my personal picks for the Eighth Day of Christmas, 2017! Happy Holidays, and while you enjoy the amazing books and shows available to us right now, I hope you are as inspired as I am!