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Happy Book Birthday to international bestseller Gerald Brandt!

Gerald Brandt’s international bestselling cyberpunk trilogy wraps up with today’s release of THE REBEL. Congratulations Gerald and a huge round of thank you to the team at DAW Books for launching this amazing series!

When THE COURIER hit bookshelves in March 2016, Barnes & Noble gave it a glowing review saying, “The Courier Brings Cyberpunk Roaring Back to Life.”

In November 2016, Book #2 in the series released and followed its prequel right to the bestseller list. On A Dark and Stormy Night called THE OPERATIVE, “Quick, and violent, engaging, and intense.”

Today we celebrate THE REBEL – Book #3 in Gerald’s San Angeles series and the most intense story yet!

All three books are also available in audiobook from Recorded Books – narrated by the fabulous Ali Ahn and James Colby!

Learn more about THE REBEL and the San Angeles series on Gerald’s website: www.geraldbrandt.com

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The third and final installment in the San Angeles trilogy, a thrilling near-future cyberpunk sci-fi series

Kris Merrill has lost everything. Her family when she was thirteen, her identity when she joined the anti-corporate movement, and now the man she loved. Living in a small room the resistance gave her, she feels alone. Abandoned.

A year ago, Kris’s life was torn apart when a delivery went wrong. The last year spent training with the anti-corporate movement had been the closest she’d ever gotten to normal.

Now, war has broken out between the corporations, and the lower levels of San Angeles are paying the price. Water and food are rationed. People are being ripped from their families in massive sweeps, drafted to fight. Those remaining live in a wasteland. The insurgents are trying to help, but Kris is being left out, given menial tasks instead of doing what she was trained for.

She is torn between working with the insurgents as they become more like the corporations they are fighting, and helping the people of the lower levels.

Caught in one of SoCal’s draft sweeps and being hunted by an enemy who will stop at nothing to have revenge are just the tip of the iceberg. Kris is pregnant, and she might have to choose between bringing down the corporations that destroyed her family or saving the life of her unborn son.