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A Happy Book Birthday Hat Trick for Kim Harrington!

And it’s a hat trick for Kim Harrington, whose third and final book in the Gamer Squad series, APP OF THE LIVING DEAD, releases today from Sterling Children’s Books!

Monsters. Aliens. What’s next? Use your BRAINS and figure it out!
In their third exciting adventure, Bex and Charlie battle the living dead–ZOMBIES.

After all they’ve gone through, Bex and Charlie have no intention of playing the new zombie game that Veratrum Games Corp just released. But everyone else in town is hooked, and when a flu sweeps the school, turning teachers and students into the undead, it turns out that only non-players are immune. Now, Charlie and Bex have to find a way to save their friends and neighbors–and stop the company from unleashing more of their deadly games.

Of the first book in the series, Kirkus said “the fast pace and action focus will appeal to game-addicted readers.” And School Library Journal praised it for fans of Pokemon GO!

And the blog Middle-Grade Minded said “Anyway, if you’re a kid, ages 8-12 with any sort of passion toward gaming…heck just action paced good times in general – do yourself a favor and pick up these two books and immerse yourself in an awesome world where friends are key to surviving the most bizarre adventures you’ll ever have.”

Send Kim some congratulations on Twitter @Kim_Harrington, and pick up a copy of APP OF THE LIVING DEAD today!