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Welcome to our newest KT Lit client, Scott Lininger!

Please help us welcome Scott Lininger to the KT Literary family!

Scott is a debut writer who came to me via the query slush pile with an incredible, action-packed steampunk middle grade about a street urchin and her fight to lead a group of misfit children in rebellion.

Welcome Scott – We’re thrilled to be working with you!

Scott’s Bio:
In his clumsily planned career, Scott’s been a writer, dish washer, computer salesman, indie game publisher, and graphic designer. His projects have been featured by Oprah, 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, Shark Tank, the Denver Art Museum, Washington Post, Time, and Entrepreneur. He’s helped hatch several startup companies, one of which he sold to Google in 2007. These days he works at Bitsbox, where he spends his days crafting new ways to teach kids to code.

Scott’s sold short fiction to Everyday Weirdness, Powderburn, Battered Suitcase, Day Terrors Anthology, Wretched Moments Anthology, and a dozen others. His first novel, Guesswork, is available from Martin Brown Publishers. When he’s not writing, Scott can be found hanging with his wife and kids, running roleplaying games, and eating stinky cheese. Among his favorite things are Hellboy, Tom Waits, Garamond, and the Legend of Zelda. Catch him on Twitter – @scottlininger.