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Happy Book Birthday to debut author Spencer Ellsworth!

Please help us congratulate Spencer Ellsworth on today’s release of A RED PEACE – his debut science fiction novel and the first in an epic space opera trilogy!

A RED PEACE was listed by Barnes & Noble as one of the top “Science Fiction Debuts We Can’t Wait to Read in 2017.”

Beth Cato, author of BREATH OF EARTH says, “Classic space opera is twisted in innovative, awesome ways in Ellsworth’s debut A Red Peace. Humankind is the nasty invasive alien in space that’s about to get its comeuppance, and wow, do the pages zoom by.”

Congratulations Spencer and happy reading to all!

Audible’s audiobook of A RED PEACE releases today too and is narrated by the brilliant Mary Robinette Kowal and John Keating.

A Red Peace, first in Spencer Ellsworth’s Starfire trilogy, is an action-packed space opera in a universe where the oppressed half-Jorian crosses have risen up to supplant humanity and dominate the galaxy.

Half-breed human star navigator Jaqi, working the edges of human-settled space on contract to whoever will hire her, stumbles into possession of an artifact that the leader of the Rebellion wants desperately enough to send his personal guard after. An interstellar empire and the fate of the remnant of humanity hang in the balance.

Spencer Ellsworth has written a classic space opera, with space battles between giant bugs, sun-size spiders, planets of cyborgs, and a heroine with enough grit to bring down the galaxy’s newest warlord.

Read more about Spencer’s STARFIRE trilogy on his website:

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