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“Well-behaved girls seldom make history” – Kirkus

On June 13, New York Times bestselling author Jaleigh Johnson’s next middle grade fantasy, THE QUEST TO THE UNCHARTED LANDS, hits shelves. This is Jaleigh’s third book set in the magical world of Solace and it features a heroine who is an alchemist stowing away on an exploration to new lands.

Kirkus’s glowing review says, “Stella Glass won’t stand for being left at home while her healer parents embark on an exploratory voyage via airship to the uncharted lands. So, like any forward-thinking, industrious, stubborn trailblazer, she stows herself away in the ship’s hull. It isn’t long before she realizes she’s not the only one camping among the cargo…A full-throttle fanfare for those with a predilection for alchemy, adventure, and a little anarchy.”

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