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Happy Book Birthday to ON THE WALL by Carrie Harris

Congratulations to Carrie Harris, whose graphic novel ON THE WALL releases today from One Peace Books!

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the biggest loser of them all?

Mira Mason has the world’s most useless superpower: she can pass through shiny objects. As far as powers go, it’s super-lame. Being a teenager is tough enough without throwing a useless power into the mix. The world is afraid of supes, but it’s silly to be scared of a girl who can phase through a salad fork with the greatest of ease.

All Mira wants to do is put the resident mean girl in her place, get her powers teacher off her back, and convince her crush with the mesmerizing eyes that she exists. But someone with a power like Mira’s is popping out of mirrors to spy on local girls like a total creeper. Mira just wants to be normal, but sometimes a girl and her superpowered friends have to make a stand.

Superheroes meet teen drama in this exciting new graphic novel written by Carrie Harris and drawn by Stipe Kalajži?.

Back when I was a wee literary agent, I read a hysterically funny YA novel called SUPERBLY USELESS that convinced me to sign new writer Carrie Harris. We went on to sell many books together, but SUPERBLY USELESS still had a place of honor in my heart for killer lines like this: I’m so focused on Bubbles that I’ve completely forgotten about the flunkies, who are plastered against the walls of the gym, making trite comments like, “Oh god!” and “Oh my god!” and “Like, oh my god!”

Now you can enjoy that same same great story in graphic novel form, with art by Stipe Kalajzic:

As Carrie says, “It has baby pools and accidental forkings and girl power and peeping toms and government agents and scary teachers modeled after my old high school English teacher, who was the first person to tell me that I should be a writer. I thought the best thing I could do to thank her was put a character inspired by her in a book, so I did. She WAS pretty scary.”

Grab a copy at Amazon, B&N, IndieBound, or your favorite local bookstore or comic book retailer. And send Carrie some Twitter love!