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(Partially) Closing to Queries on June 1st

Querying authors! This is your heads up that I’ll be closing to queries for the summer starting on June 1st. Note: this means me (Kate Testerman), and only me. Sara, Renee, and Hannah will all remain open, and we may have some great news shortly about another fab agent here you can query! IN the meantime, if you have your heart set on querying me, please do so before June 1st. If you’ve already queried me, I’ll do my best to respond to those by June 1st as well. If I have your partial or other material, I’m getting caught up now, and will hope to respond wiothint my styated timeframe of two months. If it’s been more than than, please feel free to follow-up.

As always, our most up-to-date query and submissions guidelines are on the website: