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A huge round of congratulations and Complementi! to Paige Orwin whose debut fantasy THE INTERMINABLES sold in Italy!!!

Last month was the huge London Book Fair at which publishers around the world shop and buy titles for translation and international distribution. We’re thrilled to share that the prestigious publisher La Corte Editore of Italy purchased THE INTERMINABLES and will be releasing the book in Italian translation in early 2018. Extra big thanks to Angry Robot for working this book so hard for us. Go Team!

From the Angry Robot press release:
Rights for fantastic post-apocalyptic SF novel The Interminables has been sold to La Corte Editore of Italy. The novel will be available across the country in early 2018.

Here’s what some people had to say about the novel:

“If you’re looking for an entertaining piece of dystopian fiction, with magic and heroes and..er..a cat, then this will suit you very well indeed.” – SF & F Reviews

“An interesting and unique read.” – Vampire Book Club

Check out THE INTERMINABLES on Paige’s website: www.paigeorwin.com

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @PaigeOrwin