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“more and more (and more!) intense” = Stefan Bachmann!!

Congratulations to international bestselling author Stefan Bachmann on this brilliant review of A DROP OF NIGHT from Locus!

A DROP OF NIGHT is Stefan’s first young adult novel – a paranormal thriller that we originally pitched as Goonies in France.

This month’s Locus review says, “As things get more and more (and more!) intense, readers will turn the pages at an exceedingly rapid pace. Why someone is trying to kill them and what happened in 1789 are both part of the mystery that the teens must solve. If they can manage to do that while on the run, then they might make it out alive. If not, well, whatever is underground with them will make sure there isn’t much left for anyone to find.”

A DROP OF NIGHT is spooky and terrifying and thrilling – read with the lights on!

Learn more about Stefan Bachmann, A DROP OF NIGHT and his other books on his website: www.stefanbachmann.com
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