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Frederick Turner’s APOCALYPSE nominated for Elgin Award!

Congratulations to Frederick Turner whose epic science fiction poem APOCALYPSE has been nominated for the prestigious Elgin Award!

The Science Fiction Poetry Association awards the Elgin to the best poetry published in the preceding two years. APOCALYPSE is up for Best Full-Length Book – congratulations!!!

“Frederick Turner reveals the poetic soul of science fiction” — David Brin

It’s 2067. The Antarctic ice sheets have collapsed. World sea levels have risen several feet and are rising faster still. The climate has changed catastrophically, and meteorological disasters are becoming a daily occurrence. Yet global power structures fail to respond, remaining frozen in political and ideological gridlock.

To confront this chaos, billionaire Noah Blazo recruits a team of genius misfits to bypass the political paralysis. With support from a coalition of island and coastal nations that are vulnerable to these catastrophes, his team launches an unsanctioned geo-engineering effort to restore the Earth’s ecological balance—an activity that prompts a global power struggle immediately leading to war.

Learn more about Frederick Turner on his website: www.frederickturnerpoet.com