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Happy Book Birthday to Betsy Dornbusch!

Please help us celebrate with Betsy Dornbusch whose epic fantasy ENEMY releases today from Night Shade Books!

ENEMY is Book #3 in Betsy’s SEVEN EYES trilogy – we’re so excited to have the entire adventure available to readers!

“bold sword and sorcery fantasy” – Publishers Weekly

“Betsy has done a remarkable job of creating a diverse cast of characters. These range from the protagonist ‘Draken’ who rivals Robin Hobb’s ‘FitzChivalry Farseer’ for the amount of misery that befalls him.” – Swords & Spectres

Everything Draken thinks he knows is wrong.

The last time Draken traveled Akrasia, he was the highest lord in the land. His journey before that was eased by royal favor and the grace of the gods. This time is different. His adopted country buckling under attack from religious fanatics and his Queen presumed dead, Draken must flee a deadly coup by an upstart lord. Bitter from fighting an insurmountable war and losing the life he’s built, he lets the ghosts of past mistakes drive him into vigilante revenge. But Draken is about to learn gods and wars have a way of catching up to a man.

In the thrilling conclusion to Dornbush’s Book of the Seven Eyes trilogy, follow Draken as he tries to find peace solace in a life that has been surrounded by bloodshed. Will he avenge those he cares about, while striking down those that stand in his way?

Check out the entire SEVEN EYES trilogy on Betsy’s website: www.betsydornbusch.com
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