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Welcome to new clients Christie Stanger and Elise Robins!

Please help us give a warm welcome to kt literary’s newest clients, Christie Stanger and Elise Robins!

I am so excited to share this news because I’d barely started reading their middle grade novel before I fell completely in love. Besides the incredibly endearing characters, this book is full of heart, friendship, and imagination, all topped off by a deliciously spooky house.

Christie and Elise met in the dorms their first week at U.C. Berkeley, where Elise majored in Mass Communications with a focus on nurturing creativity in children and Christie wrote her English thesis on witchcraft in literature. Christie also holds a master’s degree in Early Childhood Bilingual Education from Bank Street College of Education in New York.

While Elise moved up and down the West Coast after college, Christie bopped around the country until she landed in the Northeast for a second time. It was then, located on opposite sides of the country, that the two friends began writing together. Their brains are kept functional by coffee and chocolate and their hearts are kept functional by their families.

Check out their website and say hello to them on twitter!