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Happy Book Birthday to Emmie Mears!!!

looksun-coverPlease help us celebrate with Emmie Mears whose LOOK TO THE SUN releases today!

LOOK TO THE SUN is an important, personal and timely book about fighting fascism with love.

Yesterday, Emmie and Sara posted a co-written article about this book and about “What Comes After Agent?

Follow Emmie’s books and blog on their website at: www.emmiemears.com

We also want to give a huge shout out to TV Star Amber Benson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Audible who worked with Emmie to produce an outstanding and exciting audiobook of LOOK TO THE SUN!

The National People’s Voice speaks for Sanmarian and all of Kael.

For fifteen years, they have ruled Kael in relative peace.

For fifteen years, they have quietly snuffed out dissent wherever they found it.

Rose Abernethy and Beo Mataya are two strangers drawn together by one thing alone: Red Sunrise, a book no-one else seems to have read. A book only two types of people ever ask about — collectors…and the NPV. A book both Rose and Beo feel was written just for them.

As winter falls in Sanmarian’s cobbled streets and the fifteen years of seeming calm seethe into violent protests in the city square, Red Sunrise’s secrets pull Rose and Beo into the twisted mysteries of Sanmarian’s past and into the centre of a forgotten tragedy that inked itself into the city’s very blood.

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