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Happy Book Birthday to THE DARK AT THE END!

DarkAtTheEndCoverFrontSept16Congratulations to Susan Adrian, whose novel THE DARK AT THE END releases today! THE DARK AT THE END is a sequel to Susan’s acclaimed YA thriller TUNNEL VISION, which Booklist called “a tension-packed spy novel about a likable teen with a special power and his equally likable family and friends.” They also said, “Twists of plot, kids outsmarting the bad guys, and a relatively low-tech but fascinating superpower ratchet up the action to a bizarre conclusion that begs a sequel.”


Jake thinks he has only one more step and he’ll be free: he just has to meet with Vladimir, his grandfather’s Russian friend, and get the serum to stop his power for good. But when they get to Florida Vladimir is dead, and there’s no sign of the serum. Then someone takes Myka and his mom. With the government and the terrifying Mr. Smith still after him while he has his power, he doesn’t have anywhere to turn.

What will Jake do to get his mom and little sister back?


Right now, you can order the ebook of THE DARK AT THE END for only $2.99 at Amazon. And join me in congratulating Susan on Twitter at @susan_adrian!

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What happens when your special talent is especially dangerous?

Jake’s ability to form a mental link to anyone he’s holding a personal possession of—what he calls “tunneling”—has always been a secret. Only his best friend and his dad knew, and now his dad’s dead. But when he tries to impress his friends by tunneling at a party, his secret escapes, and his entire life is soon overthrown by government agents who convince him that he has a duty to save lives. No longer free to live as a regular teenager, Jake only hopes that he can protect the people who mean the most to him—his mother and sister. An exciting plot paired with a sympathetic protagonist makes for a roller-coaster adventure that asks some big moral questions: Is it ethical to tunnel into another person’s mind, even to do good? Which is more important, the individual or the country? The action moves at a quick pace that fans of adventure fiction will appreciate while still leaving room for deeper contemplation. Toward the end of the book, convenient plot twists drive the action, but readers may not notice, caught up as they’ll be in the web of terror and deceit.

Danger, intrigue, a dash of romance, and a good, hard look at ethical dilemmas—a pretty complete package. — Kirkus Reviews

Government surveillance. Psychic abilities. Family secrets. All 18-year-old Jacob Lukin wants is a girlfriend and acceptance to Stanford, but when he makes the mistake of “tunneling” (psychically identifying a person’s location through an object) at a party, he gets caught in a string of lies that ends in a shadowy government agency he can’t shake. The deeper Jacob falls into the agency’s clutches, the more dangerous he becomes—to himself and others. Only Jacob’s grandfather, himself a wanted man, understands what is happening to him. As they plot their escape, Jacob and his grandfather uncover an even greater threat to Jacob’s well-being. Debut author Adrian offers a refreshing spin on the suspenseful spy novel with brisk scenes, adrenaline-fueled cliffhangers, and a sympathetic protagonist. — Publishers Weekly


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