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For the Band Geek in Your Life!

bank-geek-love2500band-geeked-out2500Josie Bloss was one of KT Literary’s first clients, and her novel BAND GEEK LOVE was one of my first sales as an agent. I’m thrilled that both it, and the sequel BAND GEEKED OUT, are not only still available, but on sale right now for only $2.99.

From the catalogue copy for BAND GEEK LOVE:

Ellie Snow is totally certain that being in marching band is the only reason she made it to senior year at cliquey Winslow High School. And now that she is the trumpet section leader and star soloist, to be tagged as Queen Band Geek in the yearbook is practically a compliment. Sure, Ellie’s never had a boyfriend, but after a humiliating crush incident her freshman year that left the entire band talking, she knows having a love life isn’t worth the drama. Enter smokin’ hot sophomore Conner Higgins, a late addition to Ellie’s trumpet section, made even more distracting by the fact he totally doesn’t look like jailbait. Even though he’s only 15, Conner seems to be just the guy to heal Ellie’s still-bruised heart, quickly unleashing a whole new set of problems. Why has her best friend Jake Armstrong, formerly the most chill guy around, suddenly started acting like Ellie stomped on his drum major whistle? Is it possible that after three years of preparation, the band director will give away Ellie’s crowning senior trumpet solo to evil Brandy Jenkins? And can Ellie get over her obsession with what other people will say if she starts hooking up with a sophomore?


Ellie and Conner’s relationship is rock-steady – even though she’s a senior and he’s only a sophomore. She’s just about ready to decide on college with her best friends, a not-too-long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, and a continuation of her successful career in marching band… except for the niggling sense that she might just want to go to college on the East Coast and study something else entirely. When a campus visit to a small liberal arts college (and a cute tour guide that makes Ellie question many of her decisions) puts her relationship with Conner into question, will Ellie be able to decide what’s best for her life – even if it doesn’t involve marching band, or Conner?