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Final installment in the serialization of APOCALYPSE

apocalypse-coverToday marks the tenth and final installment in the serialization of Dr. Frederick Turner’s APOCALYPSE via Baen Books.

What a grand adventure! Next week the ebook will become available followed in mid October by a paperback edition and a museum-quality hard cover. Congratulations Dr. Turner – this poem has been an epic undertaking with amazing results!

Read the serialization on now – as of next week it won’t be available any more on the website and will only be available for sale:

Here’s a piece of fanmail from bestselling and award-winning author Kim Stanley Robinson:
“I loved the blank verse, so supple and expressive; and the command of a fictional history, the epic sweep of a macro-plot along with the many interesting characters and situations at the personal level.”

And a letter from our brilliant editor, Tony Daniel at Baen:
Baen is extraordinarily pleased to have offered Frederick Turner’s wonderful and exciting epic as a weekly serialization through the summer of 2016. The response has been outstanding from readers and it is just plain cool to have the opportunity to publish a genuine epic poem in the great tradition by one of the best poets of our times. We are also pleased to announce that the complete version of Apocalypse will be available in ebook form on September 22 at the Baen Ebooks retail site, Amazon, iTunes, and at other ebook sellers everywhere.

Finally, a note from Dr. Turner himself:
“I’ve been getting mail from the most unlikely people saying that Thursday has become a big day for them because of the serial. Others say that they never dreamed that they would be reading poetry with the urgent desire to find out what happens next. And that was what I’ve wanted poetry to be like all along. The concept and the format were just right.

Follow Dr. Turner’s adventures on his website: