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apocalypse-coverPlease help us congratulate Dr. Frederick Turner whose epic science fiction poem, APOCALYPSE, releases from Baen Books today in ebook!

APOCALYPSE is the story of a misfit group of scientists who collude against the government to save the world from climate annihilation. Written entirely in iambic pentameter, I originally pitched this book as The Day After Tomorrow done Beowulf-style.

Dr. Turner is an internationally known poet, lecturer, scholar, and Founders Professor of Arts and Humanities at the University of Texas at Dallas. Read his wonderful blog post, “Apocalypse is here, and it may be more fun than you’d think.”

APOCALYPSE will be available in October in paperback and museum-quality hard cover – check back here for on sale details!

“I loved the blank verse, so supple and expressive; and the command of a fictional history, the epic sweep of a macro-plot along with the many interesting characters and situations at the personal level…It’s wonderful.” – bestselling and award-winning author, Kim Stanley Robinson

Congratulations Fred! Happy reading everyone – this book took my breath away when I first read it as a slush pile query – it’s beautiful, classic, intense, thought-provoking and awe-inspiring. Enjoy!

Follow Dr. Turner on his website: www.frederickturnerpoet.com