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Seeking: YA and MG Nonfiction

TruthIt’s an exciting time to be in children’s publishing. The readership is expanding– and expanding their reading lists! Engaging, teen-friendly nonfiction is a huge area for growth in the industry, and of perennial interest, especially for students doing book reports who want to read more than boring biographies . So kt literary is putting out the call for YA nonfiction!

A few specific things we would love to see:

  • Exciting, untold historical stories, especially of #BygoneBadassBroads. Renee would love to see biographies of female scientists, warriors, and pirates.
  • Celebrity memoirs or nonfiction by social media stars. Kate adds “And gymnasts! Laurie Hernandez, call me!
  • Teen-leaning true crime. Hannah especially would love to see stories of teens put through the wringer of the justice system, ideally with hopeful endings.
  • Sara is on the lookout for positive nonfiction about religious observance, LGBTQ+ narratives above and beyond “coming out” and mental health discussions that include research on the medical side. 

Some recent YA nonfiction we love include POPULAR by Maya Van Wagenen, THE NOTORIOUS BENEDICT ARNOLD by Steve Sheinken, and BEYOND MAGENTA by Susan Kuklin.  For more about some great nonfiction for teens, check out this article on Stacked. YALSA also gives an award for  Excellence in Nonfiction (not annually, alas, but it’s a wonderful list of some amazing titles), and B&N has a nice list of some of their favorites.

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