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Congratulations to editor Stephanie Perkins, whose new anthology SUMMER DAYS AND SUMMER NIGHTS releases today! I’ll let Steph describe it herself:

Summer Days and Summer Nights DOES NOT contain: terrorist attacks, mass shootings, hate laws, internet trolls, or election coverage.

If you are interested in reading about any of those items, please click over to your favorite news feed. But if the twenty-four hour news cycle is stressing you out, may I offer … an alternative.

A break.

A reading vacation.

My latest anthology DOES contain: a cliff jump into the ocean, a spirited theme park revue, an extravagant hedge maze, a mysterious sea monster, a motorcycle ride with a sexy stranger, a box of Chicago’s finest pastries, a plush Cthulhu dressed like Strawberry Shortcake, a ridiculous powder-blue uniform, a map of perfect moments, a camping trip with new friends, an intense pop-a-shot competition, and a love potion.

I am so proud of these stories, and I am so proud of these authors. We worked hard to bring you something intelligent and light and fun and overflowing with kindness and friendship and romance and love.

And hope. This book contains a lot of hope.

Read this if the world seems frightening, and your well of hope is running low. Read this and discover yourself smiling again. Read this and have a simply fantastic summer.

Reviewers are loving this collection, with four starred reviews already received. Grab a copy today, and find out for yourself what SUMMER has to offer!

Images above from Stephanie’s Tumblr, Leigh Bardugo, Parnassus Next, and Booksandlala. Composite by me.