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Welcome to Margaret Rogerson!

margaret200pxPlease help us welcome Margaret Rogerson to the kt literary family!

Margaret is a debut writer who came to us via query slush pile with an amazing, lush, beautiful YA fantasy. She’s on tumblr at: http://marrogerson.tumblr.com

And on twitter @MarRogerson

Margaret Rogerson:
I live in an old, spider-infested farmhouse in Ohio, gaining a daily appreciation for arachnid inventiveness and stealth. (The Spider War’s front line has advanced several times in their favor. Now, as long as they stay on TOP of my covers at night, we’re good.) I’ve worked a variety of jobs including freelance artist, marketing assistant, graphic designer, cabana hostess, and canoe livery counter girl. I have a bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology from Miami University, focusing on psychological anthropology, which has deeply informed my interests as a writer. And of course I own one standard issue writer’s cat who likes to help me with my manuscripts by supplanting my view of the word document with his butthole.

I’m honored and thrilled to be working with Margaret – please reach out and say cheers!