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SOLD!!! Congratulations to K Arsenault Rivera!!

KArsenaultRivera200Huge, huge, huge congratulations to debut author K Arsenault Rivera on the sale of her first epic fantasy to TOR Books!

In a press release on Tor.com, editor Miriam Weinberg says, “I was stunned by this manuscript—the lush descriptions, the immediacy of voice, and the intensity of the love between the two protagonists. Honestly, I read this as a submission while visiting my family at Thanksgiving, and my sister thought I was actually having trouble breathing, as every so often I would just gasp and clutch my chest. Nope, just the brilliance of a truly powerful love story, set against a gorgeously original second-world fantastical landscape. It’s so unusual to find a voice so new, and so controlled, and so distinctive, particularly while also being able to recall some of my most beloved other works, from Jane Austen’s Persuasion to the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena. I had to have it—and I can’t WAIT for you to experience this amazing novel (the first in a series).”

The sales announcement first went live in Publishers Weekly on Sunday:
K Arsenault Rivera sold the first book in a planned trilogy, The Tiger’s Daughter, to Miriam Weinberg at Tor. Sara Megibow at KT Literary handled the three-book world English rights sale for Rivera, calling the series a “Mongolian-inspired epic fantasy.” It follows two women, she explained, whose “love for each other is big enough to slay demons.”

This was followed by another press release in Publishers Marketplace yesterday:
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Debut author K Arsenault Rivera’s THE TIGER’S DAUGHTER, a Mongolian and Japanese-inspired epic fantasy about two young women who claim their love for each other is big enough to slay demons, to Miriam Weinberg at Tor, in a very nice deal, in a three-book deal, by Sara Megibow of kt literary (World English).
Film/TV: Brendan Deneen of Macmillan Entertainment
Translation: rights@ktliterary.com

My gut says we should be watching the news again tomorrow. 😉

Congratulations K!

K is on twitter @ArsenaultRivera

Artist Stephanie commissioned this piece on our heroines – the infamous Qorin warrior Shefali Arsalayaa, and O-Shizuka, the feared Divine Empress of Hokkaido:

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