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SOLD!!! Congratulations (again!) to K Arsenault Rivera!

KArsenaultRivera200Congratulations again to debut author K Arsenault Rivera on today’s sale of her epic fantasy trilogy to Audible for audio rights! Following yesterday’s big announcement that TOR will be publishing THE TIGER’S DAUGHTER, we’re back to press with this exciting news:

From Publishers Marketplace:
April 6, 2016
Audio rights
K Arsenault Rivera’s THE TIGER’S DAUGHTER, pitched as a Mongolian and Japanese-inspired epic fantasy about two young women who claim their love for each other is big enough to slay demons, to Lee Jarit at Audible, in a nice deal, in a three-book deal, by Sara Megibow of kt literary.
Film/TV: Brendan Deneen of Macmillan Entertainment
Translation: rights@ktliterary.com

Tell K congrats on twitter @ArsenaultRivera

And watch the KT blog for another post about who our narrator will be – exciting!

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