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Happy Book Birthday to Michael Underwood!

2015-04-27 cover comp1Please help us congratulate Michael Underwood on today’s release of THE ABSCONDED AMBASSADOR!

Michael’s website describes GENRENAUTS as, “…a science fiction series in novellas…Imagined as a TV series in prose form, Genrenauts will have six episodes per season, all building toward a larger plot.”

THE ABSCONDED AMBASSADOR is Book #2 in the GENRENAUTS series and has been called by New York Journal of Books, “a heck of a lot of fun the way Galaxy Quest is: a little goofy, a little serious but not taking itself too seriously, and filled with a fondness for the source material that gives it weight without weighing down the story.”

Fiction is more important than you think. When stories go wrong, the Genrenauts step in to prevent the consequences from rippling into our so-called real world.

When a breach is discovered in Science Fiction World, rookie genrenaut Leah Tang gets her first taste of space flight.

A peace treaty is about to be signed on space station Ahura-3, guaranteeing the end of hostilities between some of the galaxy’s most ferocious races, but when the head architect of the treaty is unexpectedly kidnapped, it’s up to Leah and her new colleagues to save the day.

At any cost.

Book #1 was THE SHOOTOUT SOLUTION (November 2015)
Book #3 will be THE CUPID RECONCILIATION (May 2016)
Journey on!

Read more about the GENRENAUTS on Michael’s website: www.michaelrunderwood.com
Please tell Michael congrats on twitter @MikeRUnderwood

Cheers and Congrats!