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A Stunning Review for UNDERWATER from TLT

underwater-coverWe all love good reviews of our books, but sometimes you get something ever better than that — you get a reviewer who really GETS the book. Who understands what the writer was trying to do, and the scope of what she accomplished in achieving it. This week, we got that with this amazing review of Marisa Reichardt‘s debut Underwater from Teen Librarian Toolbox. A quote:

The issues addressed here are LARGE ones. Morgan struggles HARD. But there is a gentle undertone of hope and resilience throughout the story. Morgan’s panic attacks are terrible. What she went through is terrible. What she’s seen her father go through is terrible. The secret she’s hanging onto is making her feel even more terrible. But she has help. She has support. I really loved what Reichardt does with Morgan and Evan’s relationship. He is there to be a friend when she needs one and to get her to start to open up, but he isn’t there to save her. He is kind and understanding, but he’s also frustrated and calls her out on her inability to see that others are hurting too. He never tries to diminish Morgan’s own pain, but he reminds her that she’s not alone. And she’s not.

Read the whole wonderful review, and if you haven’t already, order your copy of Underwater. I can’t wait to hear what you think!