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Happy Book Birthday to Emmie Mears!

storminateacup-coverPlease help us celebrate with Emmie Mears whose urban fantasy AYALA STORME books are available in audiobook today!

STORM IN A TEACUP, ANY PORT IN A STORM and TAKEN BY STORM as narrated by the brilliant Amber Benson…

“Mears’ world is creative and fast paced, her characters witty and engaging.” -New York Times bestselling author Ellie Ann

“Beyond Mears stellar character work, she extends her winning streak with the lightning fast pace of SIATC – and she does it without sacrificing one iota of quality in her mad dash to deliver readers, gasping and wide-eyed, to the next scene. And, contrary to the eye rolls out there I can almost sense at the mere mention of demons, I believe Mears will confound expectations on that front with her fresh-as-a-crisply-starched-shirt premise. Even the cover art is apropos, for Mears captured lightning in a bottle in this, the first in a purported series.” –Midwest Book Review

Find all three audiobooks on Audible here!

Check out all of Emmie’s books on her website: www.emmiemears.com

And say hi and congratulations on twitter @EmmieMears

Mediator Ayala Storme kills demons by night and handles PR by day. She avoids Mediator luncheons and a fellow Mediator who’s been trying to get in her pants for years. She does her job. She keeps her sword clean and her body count high. But when a rash of disappearances leads her to discover that Nashville’s hellkin are spawning a new race of monster on human hosts, Ayala will be the first line of defense against these day-walking killers. That is, until one of them saves her life. Dodging the Mediators and the demons alike, Ayala’s new knowledge of the hybrids’ free will challenges everything she’s ever known about her job. Racing the clock and trying to outrun her comrades and enemies alike, she’s not sure who will catch her first…