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Happy Book Birthday to TOWERS FALL!!

2015-09 final front cover Towers FallIt’s a great day for book birthdays! Please help us congratulate Karina Sumner-Smith whose epic fantasy trilogy concludes today’s release of TOWERS FALL!

“Towers Fall is the third and final volume in Karina Sumner-Smith’s debut trilogy from Talos Books. I’m tempted to call it a tour-de-force, but that’s mainly for the strength of my emotional reaction to this, the climax and conclusion of a very strong arc. Sumner-Smith’s career, I think, will be well worth watching.” –

“In this strong culmination of author Sumner-Smith’s Towers Trilogy, the dark magic of living woman Xhea and the bright magic of ghostly Shai must be brought into balance in order to save their futuristic home from destruction…Sumner-Smith powerfully portrays a world of duality and dichotomy through characters brimming with strength, determination, and self-sacrifice.” – Publishers Weekly

War. Fire. Destruction. Xhea believed that the Lower City had weathered the worst of its troubles—that their only remaining fight would be the struggle to rebuild before winter. She was wrong.

Now her home is under attack from an unexpected source. The Central Spire, the City’s greatest power, is intent on destroying the heart of the magical entity that resides beneath the Lower City’s streets. The people on the ground have three days to evacuate—or else.

With nowhere to go and time running out, Xhea and the Radiant ghost Shai attempt to rally a defense. Yet with the Spire’s wrath upon them, nothing—not their combined magic, nor their unexpected allies—may be strong enough to protect them from the power of the City.

From Nebula Award–nominated author Karina Sumner-Smith, Towers Fall is a fantastic climax to this amazing and thought-provoking trilogy.

Congratulations Karina! Check out the rest of the trilogy on Karina’s website:

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