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Happy Book Birthday to IDOL OF GLASS!

2015-07 final IDOL OF GLASS coverPlease help us celebrate with Jane Kindred as the third book in her LOOKING GLASS GODS trilogy hits bookstores today!

Romantic Times calls this series, “tempestuous and fantastical.”

I call it “fantasy with romantic elements and gender-bending beauty!”

Madness didn’t destroy her; atoning for it might.

Looking Glass Gods, Book 3

Ra has ruined everything. Returning to life through “renaissance” was her first mistake. Magical excess was her second. Now she must face the consequences of her reckless conjuring. Her beloved Ahr is dead by her hand, and the comfort she’d found in gender-rebel Jak seems lost to her forever.

Ra takes solace in punishment—and in communion with her punisher, the mysterious and merciless MeerShiva. But Shiva has spun a skein of secrecy over centuries—secrets about Ra’s origins and the origins of the Meer themselves. And as the secrets begin to unravel, someone else’s magic is at work from the hidden realm. Someone with the ability to redraw the fabric of the world itself.

As the picture becomes clearer, Ra must face some harsh realities: not everything is about her, and punishment isn’t enough. She must stand before Jak and try to atone for what she’s done. But seeing Jak will reveal one more secret Ra never saw coming—and one that may mean her own undoing.

Warning: Contains scenes of intense BDSM, non-binary genders, and a preponderance of kick-ass women.

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