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Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Amber Benson narrating for Emmie Mears!

storminateacup-coverWe are thrilled to announce that Amber Benson – the actress who played Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer – will do us the honor of narrating Emmie Mears‘s urban fantasy series for audio book!

Emmie’s amazing series starts with STORM IN A TEACUP called “witty and engaging” by New York Times bestselling author Ellie Ann and “fresh-as-a-crisply-starched-shirt” by Midwest Book Review. The series continues with ANY PORT IN A STORM and Book #3, TAKEN BY STORM, which hits bookshelves on December 1, 2015.

All three books will be narrated by Amber and all three books will be available on December 1 via Audible. We couldn’t be more excited!

Check out Emmie’s books on her website: www.emmiemears.com

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Start the series with STORM IN A TEACUP:
Mediator Ayala Storme handles PR by day and kills demons by night. She avoids Mediator luncheons and a fellow Mediator who’s been trying to get in her pants for years. She does her job. She keeps her sword clean and her body count high. But when a rash of disappearances leads her to discover that Nashville’s hellkin are spawning a new race of monster in human hosts, Ayala will be the first line of defense against these day-walking killers. That is, until one of the creatures saves her life. Ayala’s new knowledge of the hybrids’ free will challenges everything she’s ever known about her job. Racing the clock while trying to outrun her comrades and enemies alike, she’s not sure who will catch her first…

Congratulations Emmie! And a huge welcome to the AYALA STORME series family to Amber! Thank you – I can’t wait to hear the amazing narration on these incredible books!