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Storybird launches JA Stone’s GHOST PLANET

Ghost PlanetCongratulations to JA Stone on the recent launch of GHOST PLANET – the sequel to her amazing illustrated space adventure LOST BOY!

Storybird is an online writing and reading tool designed for integration into school classrooms. We have young readers and writers all over the world who fell in love with Archer and Dash in LOST BOY and we’re thrilled to work with Storybird again on its sequel. If you haven’t seen the Storybird site yet, stop by today. Children use Storybird to design their own poetry and short stories and couple it with beautiful, beautiful art. You’ll giggle and be amazed (and even tear up) to see what students have created.

Check out Storybird today and feel free to share with your kids’ teachers:

GHOST PLANET by JA Stone – illustrated by the amazing Claudio Cerri.
Join Archer and his friends as they race against time to figure out the puzzle that is Ghost Planet!

Read the opening chapter of GHOST PLANET here.

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