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Another fantastic review for THE DEVIL YOU KNOW!

thumb_devilyouknowFINALI’m delighted to share another great review we just received for The Devil You Know by Trish Doller, from School Library Journal:

Cadie, 18, lives in a tiny Floridian town with her widowed dad and kid brother. She’s spent the last couple years pining for an adventure to take her away from her boring home. When two cute cousins, Matt and Noah, show up at a campfire party, Cadie is so strongly attracted to Noah that it thrills and scares her. The next day, the guys invite her and her old friend to join them on their road trip. Even though they’re not much more than strangers, Cadie just can’t say no. What the teen thought was going to be a sexy and temporary getaway slowly turns out to be a dangerous, terrifying, and deadly experience. Doller gives readers a smart, strong, yet wounded lead in Cadie. Although her decisions put her in an incredible dangerous situation, her choices don’t seem anything but natural. The spark between Noah and Cadie is delicious, and the slow build of darkness throughout the story is the kind of terrifying that teens will enjoy. Fans of Stolen by Lucy Christopher (Scholastic, 2010) should be sure to put Devil on their to-read list. VERDICT This dark thriller features a strong female lead and a heap of sexy; a must-buy for readers looking for a healthy dose of drama.

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