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Review Round-up!

thumb_VillainousFINALFINAL_9780399167751_Soundoflife_CAT copyIt’s been a busy week here at KT Literary, and the Bologna Book Fair is looming (I leave a week from today!). But I didn’t want to miss out on posting some recent good news for more of our clients. Check it out!

School Library Journal gave The Sound of Life and Everything by Krista Van Dolzer a big thumbs up, with a final verdict that reads “Van Dolzer’s thoughtful novel — with a sci-fi twist — is recommended to fans of historical fiction who enjoy a mix of history and ethics.”

SLJ also had nice words to say about Villainous by Matthew Cody: “The stakes are higher than ever and readers will fly through the pages to see how it all turns out.”

That’s what I’m talking about! Congrats to Matthew and Krista!

EDITED TO ADD: And check out this great Kidsread review of Red Butterfly by A.L. Sonnichsen:

Based on her personal experiences, which were rewarding yet taxing, rising author A.L. Sonnichsen spins a coming-of-age tale about a young girl’s journey in the world of adoption. Sonnichsen’s first person narrative is set in pithy chapters filled with a combination of short prose and lyrical phrasing. Sonnichsen’s lilting text creates a delicate tapestry of Kara’s emotional ordeals, which is completed by Amy June Bates’ collage and pencil drawings.[…] Beautifully written, RED BUTTERFLY is not only heartwarming, but also an essential addition to children’s literature.