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Happy Book Birthday to BIGGIE!

Biggie3Please help me celebrate with Derek Sullivan – his debut novel, the sweet and thoughtful contemporary young adult BIGGIE is now available in stores everywhere!

A debut book release always feels extra special to me – it’s the first book and the sky is the limit! The world is our oyster! Readers are leaping at the chance to try a new voice!

BIGGIE is about an overweight boy who tries out for the baseball team to impress his stepdad. It’s a sensitive look at weight, expectations and the pressure we put on teens to perform.

Kirkus says, “Biggie’s story will resonate with all those students who feel invisible and alone.”

And this amazing review at The Lure Of Obscure represents a response that feels poignant and important to me, “Henry “Biggie” Abbott is me. I was the fat kid, the super smart kid, the kid who stood outside of the popular circle looking in.” Read the entire review here.

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Congratulations Derek! Here’s to many happy readers,

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