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April 2 Webinar (with Critique): Writing and Selling Romance

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On April 2, 2015 at 1pm EST I have been invited by Writers Digest to host a webinar on Writing And Selling Romance. If you haven’t participated in a Writers Digest webinar before, you are in for a treat. They are informative, helpful and can be done from home in your underwear.

Writing and Selling Romance: Introducing Your Romance Novel To Its Happy Ever After:
Romance novels represent a profitable, exciting and artistic field of publishing. Readers are voracious, publishing houses are acquiring and authors are making money. Yet, writing a romance novel can be intimidating and pursuing publication even more so.

Sara represents New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance authors and will discuss the objective and subjective elements of writing these books as well as the specific steps an author can take to pursue publication.

Publishing is subjective? Yes, but there are objective aspects of craft needed to prepare a romance novel for its readers.

Pursuing publication is confusing? Absolutely, but there are reliable steps an author can take to find a literary agent or publisher, vet that literary agent or publisher, write and submit queries, and/or pursue self-publishing.

In this live webinar, Sara will tackle romance novels from both the writing/art angle and the publishing/business angle. Join us and be better prepared to write and sell your book!

As an added bonus, participants are invited to submit the first 10 pages of their romance novel after the webinar for a written critique by me.

All the details are available here: WRITING AND SELLING ROMANCE

Thank you and see you there!