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Happy Book Birthday to RED BUTTERFLY!

thumb_RedButterflyCongratulations to A.L. Sonnichsen on the publication day of her debut novel Red Butterfly! Amy and I have traveled a long road to get to this point, and I’m thrilled to have been a part of the process for Red Butterfly. This is such a special book, as starred reviews from Kirkus and Publishers Weekly have already proclaimed:

With spare, fluid language, she creates the endearing, authentic, nuanced emotions of a girl stuck between two worlds and brings to light a foundling’s hope and determination. An adoption story that’s rich in family complexities and that readers won’t abandon.

Sonnichsen creates a palpable sense of yearning for home and belonging (“I want to explain, but/ I can’t make my mouth form words./ How a place so beautiful/ can make me feel so sad”) in this heartbreaking, heartwarming, and impressive debut.

It was such a crowning moment to see the book so prominently featured at the Simon & Schuster booth at ALA Midwinter this past weekend. And as another story of a young girl told in verse captured the hearts of librarians, so too I hope will Red Butterfly! Congratulations, Amy!

And did I mention its a PW Pick for Book of the Week? Yay!

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