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News Roundup!

We’re back! Well, we’ve been back for a couple of weeks now, but the wheels have been turning behind the scenes, cooking up some amazing news, and I haven’t had a chance to blog. To make up for it, here’s a roundup of just some of the exciting things going on for my clients and their books!

We got a very nice review from Booklist for Red Butterfly by A.L. Sonnichsen, which states, in part:

Sonnichsen’s sparse narrative in free verse moves Kara’s life along with deliberate sentiment, effort, and loyalty. Sympathetic readers will appreciate that Kara learns to build trust with those who demonstrate their compassion in constructive attempts to right some of the wrongs of her difficult beginnings.

Krista Van Dolzer’s The Sound of Life and Everything is a Junior Library Guild selection! Head over to her blog to congratulate her on the JLG’s great taste.

Finished copies have arrived for Carrie Harris’ Dinocalypse Forever, the final book in the Dinocalypse Trilogy, from Evil Hat. Dinosaurs! Adventurers! Magic! More about the book on Carrie’s blog.

Susan Adrian is doing school visits this week and gearing up for her tour in support of about-to-be-published debut Tunnel Vision! She’s also hosting a contest to take and tweet/Tumblr/Instagram a pic of you and your Converse on the book’s release day, January 20th. Check it out!

Chucks Contest

She’s also got a Spotify playlist for the books’ soundtrack. Enjoy!

And on Maureen Johnson’s shiny new website, the pre-order campaign for The Shadow Cabinet is going strong. Order books, get cool swag!


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