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thumb_KissingTed_FINALYou know they do! (heheheheheh!) Specifically, they called it a “A not-so-fluffy chick-lit offering rife with angst, rock ’n’ roll and lots of kissing.” Full review below!

So many boys, so little time; what’s a rock girl to do?

Music-obsessed Riley and Reid, a writer, are shocked to find out that their fellow band mates, Lucy (Riley’s once–best friend and former confidante) and Nathan, have not only been secretly dating, they’ve also been doing it. Feeling glaringly inexperienced, Riley and Reid decide to keep a handwritten notebook—nicknamed the Passenger Manifest from the TV show Lost—chronicling all of their experiences with love, dating and sex. To Riley’s surprise, she becomes involved with three guys: science-loving Garrick, who once dated a celebrity; Ted Callahan, her longtime, irresistibly floppy-haired crush; and Milo, a fellow band geek and tuba player. Riley and Reid carefully record every detail of their dating foibles, but when the Passenger Manifest turns up missing, what are they to do? Narrated mainly by Riley, the story provides small snippets of Reid’s dating life—and, regrettably, little else about him—in the entries from the Passenger Manifest that appear between prose chapters. Riley’s approach to sex is a long way from Forever…; losing her virginity seems to be more an item on her to-do list than a milestone moment.

A not-so-fluffy chick-lit offering rife with angst, rock ’n’ roll and lots of kissing.

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