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Another rave for TUNNEL VISION

Thumb_TunnelVisionFinalThe great reviews for Susan Adrian‘s debut Tunnel Vision just keep pouring in! Here’s another, this time from Booklist:

Jake Lukin is a normal 18-year-old senior—awaiting college acceptance, on the tennis team, with good friends and maybe even a new romance—when he blows it all. During a party, he “tunnels” to impress Rachel, unintentionally revealing to DARPA that he has the ability to find people by handling an object that they have touched. Agents swarm, first allowing him to stay in school and with his family, while occasionally tunneling to find kidnap victims or terrorists. Eventually he is secreted underground, becoming more and more isolated but determined to escape and lead a normal life. Adrian has crafted a tension-packed spy novel about a likable teen with a special power and his equally likable family and friends. Twists of plot, kids outsmarting the bad guys, and a relatively low-tech but fascinating superpower ratchet up the action to a bizarre conclusion that begs a sequel. With a grandfather that would make Richard Peck or Joan Bauer proud, and government goons, male and female, who morph between good and evil with a single look or comment, this is a must-read.

I’m excited to share some more good news for Susan soon. Stay tuned!