November 19th, 2014 • Kate

FINALFINAL_9780399167751_Soundoflife_CAT copyKrista shared this news on her blog the other day, but I’m so pleased with it, I wanted to shout about it, too. As Krista writes, it’s a tough road for a debut author looking for early word of mouth on her work, and even if an author loves a story, they may not be able to blurb, for one reason or another. Which makes Tricia Springstubb‘s early praise for The Sound of Life and Everything even more meaningful.

Krista Van Dolzer gives us a treasure in Ella Mae Higbee, a think-for-yourself, do-it-yourself heroine sure to win hearts. Like most of us, Ella Mae believes she knows the difference between right and wrong, until life and truth prove to be much more complicated. This is a story brimming with empathy, humor, forgiveness, and wisdom about what it means to be truly, fully human.

The release date is May 5th, 2015, but feel free to pre-order today!

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One Response to “A lovely blurb for THE SOUND OF LIFE AND EVERYTHING”

  1. Amy Sonnichsen Says:

    Hooray for Krista! Wonderful blurb! I can’t wait to read this book again. The draft I read was so long ago now!