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How Best to Commemorate Your Book’s Publication

You’re a writer, toiling away on your manuscript for months, for years, finally getting that big break, that momentous publishing contract! Years more may still go by, but finally, you can hold it in your hand, or better yet, buy it in a store — your book. Your blood, sweat, and tears, honest-to-goodness BOOK.

So now what?

For many authors, putting aside the obvious answer of “write the next one!”, the time comes to somehow commemorate the occasion. KT Literary client Josie Bloss celebrated the publication of her first novel Band Geek Love with a tattoo, which may work for your first novel, but do you want ink for every book? Back in 2008, when I first blogged about this momentous milestone, I suggested a nice piece of jewelry, and I’m still a fan of that idea. But if you’re Amy Spalding, and you have super talented friends, maybe you get one of them to illustrate a scene from your book instead!


Thanks to amazingly talented artist Hope Larson, Amy now has a piece of forever art to celebrate The Reece Malcolm List, and lots more empty frames to fill.

What will you do/did you do to celebrate your book’s publication?

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