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Welcome to the family, Sarah Watson!

TVAcademyHonorIn case you missed it on Twitter this morning, I’m delighted to welcome new KT Literary client Sarah Watson to the fold! I could paraphrase her bio, but I’ll just put it here, shall I?

Sarah is a television writer and proud to have been a part of the entire six season run of the NBC drama, Parenthood, where she currently serves as Executive Producer. Her other credits include About A Boy, The Middleman, The Unusuals, Lipstick Jungle, and Standoff, among other series. She has sold pilots to ABC, FOX, and CBS. Her work has been positively reviewed in The New Yorker, listed as a part of Entertainment Weekly’s “50 Best TV Scenes of the Past Year”, and described by People Magazine as, “dumb but fun”. Sarah grew up in Northern California but decided she wanted to live where the beaches were actually warm after reading GIDGET as a kid. This brought her to UCLA where she majored in English. Learning to surf was a total bust, but Sarah continues to live next to the beach in Santa Monica with her golden retriever, Daisy, named after the heroine of one of her other favorite novels, THE GREAT GATSBY. When not writing on Parenthood Sarah can be found in various Los Angeles coffee shops working on her first novel MERCURY, an excerpt of which was selected as a finalist for the James Kirkwood Literary Prize.

I’m more than enough of a geek to get excited about working with someone who regularly rubs elbows with the beautiful people on my TV, but her novel (and her subsequent revision) absolutely blew me away, and when we met at WonderCon this past April, we hit it off in person as well. And she came highly recommended to me from fellow nerds I love and trust!

Hopefully we’ll have more great news soon, but for now, Welcome, Sarah!