Of Conferences and Clients

September 20th, 2014 • Kate

IMG_3543.JPGI’m having a lovely time here this weekend in Bozeman, Montana, giving my About My Query workshop to the local chapter of the SCBWI. It’s always nice to chat with writers about the nuts and bolts of querying, and provide a little expert advice about the process. This morning, I was thrilled my client Susan Adrian, author of the forthcoming YA thriller TUNNEL VISION (St. Martin’s Press, January 2015), was able to join in, and we could share her awesome query as well.

Do you run or know someone who runs a conference for querying writers? If you need speakers, think of me! I love the SCBWI, and have always had a great time at any of the local chapters, but I’m also happy and willing to speak to other organizations or writers’ groups.

Try me now for 2015!

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4 Responses to “Of Conferences and Clients”

  1. Becky Hall Says:

    Kate, thanks for coming to the Big Sky SCBWI conference. Your query talk was so helpful. I also found your Sunday publication process discussion with Taylor Norman very informative.
    Best wishes to you!
    Becky Hall

  2. Sheila Averbuch Says:

    Hi Kate – I noticed your mentioning ‘open for invites’ tweet, as well. I don’t suppose you’ve any plans to be in Scotland next year?


    co-organiser – SCBWI Southeast Scotland

  3. Kate Says:

    Hi Sheila! I would LOVE to be in Scotland. I’ll pass through England on the way to and from Bologna in March/April, but don’t have any other European plans as yet.

  4. Sheila Averbuch Says:

    Helas, keep us in mind anyway. We have a large and growing SCBWI network who would ply you with cake and much rapt attention!