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DEMON DERBY has “character sass and kick-butt moves”!

thumb_DemonDerbyIt’s a rainy dreary Monday here in Colorado, so of course one’s thoughts turn to fall, demon hunters, and roller derby. Or is that just me? In any case, I’m thrilled to share a great review from Voya for Carrie Harris‘ novel DEMON DERBY, which totally coincidentally includes both demon hunters AND roller derby. Wacky!

Casey is tired of being the “cancer girl.” After months in the hospital and bed rest, she is trying to regain some of her mojo. Before cancer she was a skateboarder and a black belt, but now she is the bald girl. Roller Derby seems like the perfect way to get that mojo back, and it does not hurt that the team manager is a hottie—except that he kind of resembles the man who attacked her in an alley a few weeks ago. Soon, Casey learns that demons are real, and she is training not only for the Roller Derby but also to be a demon hunter.

Casey’s road to re-empowerment after cancer has a fun and unique twist—Roller Derby demon hunters do not show up too much in young adult literature, and it turns out that there is a lot of fun to be had here. It reads almost like a lost episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer at times, complete with character sass and kick-butt moves. […T]he characters are fun and Casey is a strong lead female. As a bonus, there are some good family and friend relationships on display here. This is a fun read with plenty of action and heart. This book is definitely recommended for libraries serving young adults.—Karen Jensen.

In honor of this great review, I’d love to know your literary-themed roller derby name. Got one? Share it in the comments below! One reader will win a copy of DEMON DERBY and the admiration of all for your kick-ass derby name.

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