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Hey, did you know I have a blog?

cobwebsI do! And sometimes I even post on it. Not recently, I grant you, but sometimes. I’m cuing up a fun new series of Get to Know My Clients posts, and finalizing some exciting new deals, but there’s nothing quite yet to talk about. Soon, though!

In the meantime, are you following my Tumblr? I am slightly better about posting there recently, if only because it’s somewhat easier to share a short snippet of information and a link, rather than write up a full post here. Which I’m finding to be an interesting trend across the board — I mean, yes, there are some authors who blog exclusively (and extensively) on their Tumblrs, but it certainly seems, for the most part, that they’re more often used for longer-than-Twitter, shorter-than-blog posts. Is that your experience? Plus, pictures. Like this shot from the PenguinTeen tumblr account, of great promotional buttons they made to celebrate Stephanie Perkins‘ three titles.

Plus, I just adopted a puppy, appropriately named Book. So, you know, lots going on!

More news soon, though, so watch this space.

Photo above by Flickr user Lauren Tucker Photography, used under a Creative Commons license.